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A Holiday fee for, New Years Eve & Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Eve & Day

Because of our love for pets and as we spend time with them, we'll notice certain candid situations that would make great portraits and we take advantage of the opportunity.  We enjoy sharing these precious moments with you!

Photo Portraits  -  

Does your dog need to get out and stretch their legs during the day?  Do they enjoy a daily routine of getting out and smelling the smells and seeing the sites?  We do Daily Dog Walks!!  We come to your house,  leash up and go for the walk.  Our walks are 20 to 30 minutes and include fresh water, feeding and of course clean up on the walk.  So give us a call and let us walk your dog today.

Daily Dog Walks  - 

Can't get off work in time to take or pick up your pet from the vet, is fluffy at grandma's and needs picked up and taken home?  We can help.  Pawprints of Buckhead offers Pet Taxi Services.  Call for pricing and availability.

Pet Taxi Services  - 

If you desire for your pet to have an even more interactive experience then have them boarded with Pawprints of Buckhead.  Your pet will be in a safe home environment that is full of love and attention.  By boarding with Pawprints of Buckhead, your pet will receive plenty of attention both day and night and be a part of the family.  Pick up and delivery services available.

VIP Boarding  - 

At Pawprints of Buckhead we understand that some pets require the administration of medications or fluids.  We can administer either subcutaneous or oral medication according to your written instructions at no extra charge.

Vet Tech Services​  -  Included in all  Visits, Over Nights and Boarding

We offer House Sitting services that range from bringing in the mail and newspapers, watering plants, taking out and bringing in trash and recycling bins and giving your house a check to make sure all is ok, to complete overnight stays that  average 10 to 12 hours.  House Sitting provides your home with security by make it seem lived in or by having someone there all night while you are away. 

House Sitting  - 

There are some pets that require special or extra attention, or they suffer from sever separation anxiety or are just so used to sleeping with you that they need an over night companion.  We offer Over Night Stays that average 10 to 12 hours.  Over Night Stays provide your pet with comfort and provide your home with security by having someone there all night while you are away.  Over Night Stays include our regular Daily Visits and occupying your home all night.

Over Night Stays - 

  • Watering of Plants
  • Bringing in Mail, Newspapers
  • Taking Out/Bringing in Garbage Containers
  • Litter Box Cleaning
  • Extended Visits Available
  • 20 - 30 Minute Dog Walks
  • Fresh Food & Water

  • Play & Affectionate Time
  • Vet Tech Services (if required)

Our Daily Visits allows your pets to stay in their own home environment, thus reducing their stress and anxiety while you are away. Most pets are traumatized by a change in their environment, by caring for them in their own environment, we eliminate trauma and anxiety.  Our Daily visits include items listed below.

Daily Visits -

  • Daily Dog Walks
  • Photo Portraits
  • Painted Portraits
  • Vet Tech Services
  • VIP Boarding
  • Pet Taxi Service
  • Daily Visits
  • Over Night Stays
  • House Sitting

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